Stability and sustainability awareness

Stable and successful:

The DZ BANK Group and its position on sustainability

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For some years now, the DZ BANK Group has been one of the leading financial institutions in terms of sustainability, as regularly evidenced by our performance in sustainability ratings of various rating agencies.

The DZ BANK Group forms part of the German cooperative financial network, which comprises more than 900 local cooperative banks and is one of Germany’s largest private-sector financial services organizations in terms of total assets. For the purposes of group-level ratings, the cooperative financial institutions are analyzed on a consolidated basis.

Issuer ratings of the DZ BANK Group

  2017                 2016                 2015              
Standard & Poor’s AA- AA- AA-
Moody's Investor Service Aa+ Aa+ Aa+
Fitch AA- AA- AA-

Sustainability ratings of the DZ BANK Group

Prime Status – Note C+


- Awarded prime status since 2011

- Grade C+ confirmed on 1 February 2018

- Above-average engagement with regard to environmental and social issues

Positive / neutral


Ratingdatum: 21 March 2018

neutral (CC): uncovered bonds

positive (BB): mortgage-covered bonds

positive (BB): public sector covered bonds

74 points


Ratingdatum: 16 February 2018

- Leader with regard to social aspects

- Outperforming on environmental and governance aspects (ranked 37 out of 342 in the banking sector)


MSCI ESG Research

Ratingdatum: 8 June 2018

- Excellent rating

- DZ BANK AG clearly outperforms the sector average (banking sector)