Social security and quality of life

Investing in high quality of life:

Benefits for our employees

Employee values

We take responsibility for the social security of our employees. Get an overview of the payments, allowances, insurance benefits, and extra services that we provide to our staff.

Performance-based remuneration

We use our remuneration structure to provide each employee with incentives for personally implementing DZ BANK’s strategic goals and those of his or her own division. Our standard starting salaries are based on local practice in the countries where our offices are located. Women and men who are of equal merit, who have the same level of experience, and who are doing the same job are paid equally. The remuneration structure at DZ BANK is based on performance, not on gender.

DZ BANK also offers a variety of employee benefits to its members of staff. These range from a travel allowance or subsidized travel card to group accident insurance and various CPD subsidies. All company benefits are available to full-time and part-time staff.

The most important voluntary benefit provided by DZ BANK continues to be occupational pension provision, which also matters greatly to our employees. In 2017, over 77 percent of employees took the opportunity to pay some of their salary directly into the company pension scheme. In addition to flexible working hours, our staff benefit from teleworking and various part-time working models. Last year, 19.2 percent of employees worked part time. Nearly 13 percent worked at least some of the time from home by way of teleworking.

Support for employees

DZ BANK wants employees to have a work life that is compatible with their family life. We therefore help employees to find places at suitable day nurseries and kindergartens and subsidize their childcare costs. We even offer a solution for times when childcare is unexpectedly unavailable: Parents are entitled to emergency childcare at a partner care provider for up to ten days a year. Parent-child offices have been created at five locations. In addition, employees have access to a concierge service, which includes running errands and finding tradespeople.

We also provide support for employees who are carers. Under a company cooperation scheme, we offer access to advice and assistance, and the opportunity to participate in skills training. Annual talks on topics such as health care proxy arrangements, living wills, and guardianship law complement this offering.

Preventive courses on stress management help employees to maintain their mental well-being. Staff who need support with difficult situations at work or at home can furthermore use the services of an independent social counselor. In addition to meeting employees in person, she also gives talks at our offices throughout Germany.

Overview of employee benefits offered by DZ BANK:

  • Company sports activities
  • Subsidized Deutsche Bahn travel card
  • Company cafeteria or meal vouchers
  • Higher pay for working on Saturdays, Sundays, or public holidays
  • Travel allowance
  • Subsidy for privately arranged CPD
  • Group accident insurance
  • Long-service awards
  • Subsidy for child care costs
  • Contingency benefits
  • Special leave
  • Vacation pay