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Projects sponsored by DZ BANK

Social values

DZ BANK makes charitable donations to a variety of projects, primarily in the areas of science, education, social engagement, arts, and culture. Another focus area is the promotion of Frankfurt as a business hub.

Our intention in making donations is based on social objectives: We want to encourage achievement, help to create an open society, and contribute to a sustainable community. The focus of DZ BANK’s corporate citizenship on academic research, education, social causes, and arts and culture is enshrined in our donations policy. In 2017, DZ BANK donated a total of €657,000 to charitable causes.

Breakdown of donations in 2017 by area

Academic research & education

43,8 percent

Social causes

21,7 percent


25,2 percent


6,3 percent


3,0 percent

Social engagement

Our focus in terms of social engagement is on the Childaid Network foundation, which our employees have been supporting for nine years. Childaid Network helps children and young people in India who would otherwise have no access to education. As part of our 2017 Christmas initiative, employees donated €51,000 to which a further €20,000 was added by DZ BANK. This sum is enough to look after 170 street children in India for an entire year, including care, accommodation, clothes, food, and schooling or training. A number of actively engaged employees maintain close contact with the children’s homes in north-east India.

A dance group at a children’s home in north-east India

©Childaid Network: A dance group at a children’s home in north-east India



Culture and the arts

Our activities in the area of culture and the arts are focused mainly on Frankfurt, where our headquarters are based, and especially on the Städel Museum. In Düsseldorf, which is also home to a DZ BANK office, we have been the main sponsor of the Deutsche Oper am Rhein since the 2010/2011 season. In 2017, we extended this successful partnership until 2019.